Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Having fun with a Figma 1/12 scale toilet model kit!

I have a whole series of images to come but it will take a bit of time to edit them all. For now, here's some funny shots as a teaser!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Makoto's Birthday Shrine - 橘真琴生誕祭2015

The 17th of November marked the day of Makoto Tachibana's birthday. So as Free! fans, my sibling and I decided to gather up all our Mako merch and make a shrine dedicated to the birthday boy. Chizumaki is a huuuuge fan of Mako and has a bigger collection than me, but I do have a few new figures from my recent Japan trip such as the Bitter Chocolate Taito Kuji figure and Captain Mako!

HBD Makoto Shrine

Captain Mako, Figma Mako and Alter Mako

Makoto trading figures, hangers and papers.

Bitter Chocolate Makoto figure from Taito Kuji series of prizes.

Mako mug and hanging figures.

Mako figma.

Free! glasses case, Taito Kuji zip pouch and figures.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Broken Age - short game review

I've been playing this little game called Broken Age on my PS4. I got it for free as part of my PSN Plus subscription last month. It's a point and click adventure game with absolutely gorgeous artwork, it's like playing a moving painting. Not only is it lovely to look at, it presents you with two characters to play, who are both living in bizarre circumstances.

Vella is a young woman about to be sacrificed to a monster to stop it from destroying her town, who would like nothing more than to kill the monster rather than be eaten. Whereas Shay is a young man trapped in space ship and forced to play out childish games by a crazy mothering computer and craves more exciting adventures.

To progress through the story you need to collect various items and use them to interact with other objects or characters in the game world. You come across some pretty funny NPC's and quirky ways to get them to help you move on through the game. Like for example, getting a tree to spew sap into a bucket.

You can switch between the characters at any time, but it's almost like playing two separate games, as neither character seems to anywhere near meeting one another. At this point I am further into Vella's story than I am into Shay's.

The game is relaxing to play, you don't have to worry about dying or missing some quicktime event and it is more about puzzle solving and interacting with the world around you. Plus I get a good laugh from the odd characters and puns they come out with.

So if you are someone who enjoys beautiful artwork, interesting stories and you're totally sick of button mashing and would rather use your head, then this is the game for you! I'm personally enjoying it quite a lot and recommend you give it a try!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Final Fantasy XIV @ Tokyo Games Show 2015

Tokyo Games Show is about to kick off its events for Final Fantasy 14!

Square Enix Livestream starts at approx 11.30am Australian Eastern Time. FFXIV Letter from the Producer segment will start approx 1pm Australian Eastern Time.
(Saturday 19th September 2015)

Official Twitter: Https://Twitter.Com/FF_XIV_EN

The twitter account will be reporting which realms will be able to receive their Gobbue Earrings each time players fell Ravana at the event. 

Item may not be available immediately but I will edit the post about how to obtain it as soon as I find out!

There's also a whole bunch of new exclusive merch available at the event which I am completely envious of and hoping they will get a normal release at a later date!

Emerald and Topaz Carbuncle Plush - 3500 yen.

FFXIV Meteor Survivor Card Case - 3700 yen.

Delivery Moogle Plush - 3500 yen.

FFXIV Minion Mug - 1800 yen.

FFXIV Smartphone Flip Case - 3500 yen.

FFXIV Heavensward Shopping Tote Bags (Black, Beige, Blue and Red) - 1800 yen.

FFXIV Heavenward Wallscroll - 4300 yen.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pokemon Center Japan - Halloween 2015 Merch

From September 5th 2015, the Pokemon Center's in Japan will be selling this adorable Halloween themed merchandise. Featuring plush toys, plush keychains, plush pass case,  plush badges, clothing, earrings, iphone 6 case, microfiber cleaning cloths, pin badge, fastener clips and rubber strap phone hangers.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Noragami Aragoto season 2 preview video

Noragami's first season aired in 2014 and I've been really hoping they would make more. There was a 2 episode OVA to follow that, which didn't quite tide me over. Now finally the second full season Noragami Aragoto will start airing in October 2015, along with another 2 OVA episodes to be released with the manga in November 2015 and March 2016 respectively.

Enjoy the PV commercial for the 2nd season of Noragami here ~

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sailor Moon is Satan's Princess? - the weird stuff I find on the internet >_>

While browsing through Sailor Moon related clothing on Storenvy, I came across this odd little gemstone. I'm loving the allover print that is comprised of screenshots from the old & new anime of Usagi making all sorts of faces. What made me double take was the caption placed over it. "Satan's Princess" ....... ok I'm all for edgy clothing but it seems odd to pair this hellraising phrase with this particular character.

You can buy this odd piece of fashion here ~ https://www.storenvy.com/products/10414701-satanic-sailor-moon-tee

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Code Geass : Akito the Exiled episode 3 OVA - Lelouch screenshot frenzy!

Watched Code Geass : Akito the Exiled ep 3 today, it was good. The mecha battles look really great with computer animation and Lelouch is fabulous as always, even if he currently thinks he is "Julias Kingsley". Pretty sure they re-wrote the script for Akito the Exiled to include Lelouch and that's why it's taken almost 2 years for the 3rd OVA to come out and the original plan for 4 episode's has now become 5. Not complaining one bit. Lelouch makes everything better!

Hence forth, all these screenshots are from the scenes that include Lelouch. Because who gives a shit about anyone else? (ok so maybe I like Leila and Akito a decent amount but that's overshadowed by LELOUCHHHHHH!!!)

You missed this fucking sexy face didn't you?

...And those scandelous hips.

Screw you all..

...I am now a magical girl.

Check out my sweet wand!

Oh yeah and obey the wand.

Lelouch writhing on the floor... I'm sure Suzaku is struggling to keep it in his pants here.

Ahhh man I can't wait until work is over so me and Lelouch can go and have sex.

Get your hands off my boyfriend you slut!

Fabulous hands.

"Julias Kingsley's" guest mentions the terrorist Zero which sends him on a bit of a trip out.

It's ok, he didn't shoot him. Lulu was just all brain fried and passed out. Of course we know that he lives because this series is set between season 1 and 2 of Lelouch of the Rebellion. So I'm guessing after this episode, Lelouch is dragged back to the Emperor to have his memories of Zero wiped again, before returning him to school with Rolo to replace Nunnally.

Hoping to see more cameo's from Lelouch and Suzaku in the next 2 episodes. But not betting on it.

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