Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cross Ange Episode 10 - continues to be lewd!

Standard T&A episode of Cross Ange with a few story teasers and the powers of nakama. For some reason, the consistently stable Salia loses her shit and suddenly reveals her obsession with piloting the Vilkiss. Dragons attack the base and things go to hell. Anyways, enjoy a few lewd shots and a new character?

Usually every episode, someone is getting laid. This time it's "Prince Clovis". I forgot his name already because he's a shit character.

But wait, he's boning a demon?

Commie added their own touch of lewdness to the opening sequence.

Did they finish having sex before they ran off to battle?

If you're about to crash, might as well cop a feel.

Ships all over the place, predicting threesome between Ange, Salia and Hilda.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal - Episode 11 - Tuxedo Mask has turned evil!


Tuxedo Mask has been captured by the Dark Kingdom and Sailor Moon constantly worries for his safety and is haunted by dreams of him. Usagi wakes disappointed that it was only a dream. Luna is concerned as Usagi continues to hide to her despair with a smile.

On the way to school Usagi bumps into a man that strangely resembles Mamoru. Later this man shows up at the Game Center and claims to be the new part timer "Endo". He hypnotises people trying to find the location of the Sailor Senshi Command Center.

Meanwhile the girls discover the Holy Sword they retrieved from the Moon is strong enough to break a diamond. I don't know how Ami is going to explain how that broke to her mother!

Usagi falls asleep and the girls put her to bed. But she sneaks out to the Game Center after waking up, and is allured to the man that looks like Mamoru.

Luna calls the girls over, knowing something is fishy with "Endo"

"Endo" tries to pry information about Sailor Moon and the Command Center from Usagi, but she is immune to his hypnotic suggestions. She eventually leaves feeling uneasy.

Motoki's friend from a club seems concerned that he hasn't been showing up and she tells the girls that she's never seen the man called "Endo" before, despite Motoki claiming him to be his best friend.

Makoto confronts "Endo" at the Game Center but she becomes caught in his trap to lure out Sailor Moon and Silver Crystal.

Evil Tuxedo Mask appears! He also steals the Crystal...things aren't looking so good.

Luna feels guilty for not being able to help Usagi more and charges at Tuxedo Mask after he steals the Crystal.

And cue me sobbing along with Usagi as Luna got injured.

Usagi's tears once again spark life into the Crystal.

She casts Moon Healing Escalation on Luna and Makoto and then Tuxedo Mask, but he dodges it. Queen Beryl reveals herself now that the Dark Kingdom has the Crystal.

Queen Beryl reveals that the fake Tuxedo Mask really is Prince Endymion and not just a doppelganger.

Sailor Moon will be forced to fight the man she loves!

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