Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cross Ange Episode 10 - continues to be lewd!

Standard T&A episode of Cross Ange with a few story teasers and the powers of nakama. For some reason, the consistently stable Salia loses her shit and suddenly reveals her obsession with piloting the Vilkiss. Dragons attack the base and things go to hell. Anyways, enjoy a few lewd shots and a new character?

Usually every episode, someone is getting laid. This time it's "Prince Clovis". I forgot his name already because he's a shit character.

But wait, he's boning a demon?

Commie added their own touch of lewdness to the opening sequence.

Did they finish having sex before they ran off to battle?

If you're about to crash, might as well cop a feel.

Ships all over the place, predicting threesome between Ange, Salia and Hilda.

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