Friday, September 18, 2015

Final Fantasy XIV @ Tokyo Games Show 2015

Tokyo Games Show is about to kick off its events for Final Fantasy 14!

Square Enix Livestream starts at approx 11.30am Australian Eastern Time. FFXIV Letter from the Producer segment will start approx 1pm Australian Eastern Time.
(Saturday 19th September 2015)

Official Twitter: Https://Twitter.Com/FF_XIV_EN

The twitter account will be reporting which realms will be able to receive their Gobbue Earrings each time players fell Ravana at the event. 

Item may not be available immediately but I will edit the post about how to obtain it as soon as I find out!

There's also a whole bunch of new exclusive merch available at the event which I am completely envious of and hoping they will get a normal release at a later date!

Emerald and Topaz Carbuncle Plush - 3500 yen.

FFXIV Meteor Survivor Card Case - 3700 yen.

Delivery Moogle Plush - 3500 yen.

FFXIV Minion Mug - 1800 yen.

FFXIV Smartphone Flip Case - 3500 yen.

FFXIV Heavensward Shopping Tote Bags (Black, Beige, Blue and Red) - 1800 yen.

FFXIV Heavenward Wallscroll - 4300 yen.

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