Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Code Geass : Akito the Exiled episode 3 OVA - Lelouch screenshot frenzy!

Watched Code Geass : Akito the Exiled ep 3 today, it was good. The mecha battles look really great with computer animation and Lelouch is fabulous as always, even if he currently thinks he is "Julias Kingsley". Pretty sure they re-wrote the script for Akito the Exiled to include Lelouch and that's why it's taken almost 2 years for the 3rd OVA to come out and the original plan for 4 episode's has now become 5. Not complaining one bit. Lelouch makes everything better!

Hence forth, all these screenshots are from the scenes that include Lelouch. Because who gives a shit about anyone else? (ok so maybe I like Leila and Akito a decent amount but that's overshadowed by LELOUCHHHHHH!!!)

You missed this fucking sexy face didn't you?

...And those scandelous hips.

Screw you all..

...I am now a magical girl.

Check out my sweet wand!

Oh yeah and obey the wand.

Lelouch writhing on the floor... I'm sure Suzaku is struggling to keep it in his pants here.

Ahhh man I can't wait until work is over so me and Lelouch can go and have sex.

Get your hands off my boyfriend you slut!

Fabulous hands.

"Julias Kingsley's" guest mentions the terrorist Zero which sends him on a bit of a trip out.

It's ok, he didn't shoot him. Lulu was just all brain fried and passed out. Of course we know that he lives because this series is set between season 1 and 2 of Lelouch of the Rebellion. So I'm guessing after this episode, Lelouch is dragged back to the Emperor to have his memories of Zero wiped again, before returning him to school with Rolo to replace Nunnally.

Hoping to see more cameo's from Lelouch and Suzaku in the next 2 episodes. But not betting on it.

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