Friday, November 20, 2015

Makoto's Birthday Shrine - 橘真琴生誕祭2015

The 17th of November marked the day of Makoto Tachibana's birthday. So as Free! fans, my sibling and I decided to gather up all our Mako merch and make a shrine dedicated to the birthday boy. Chizumaki is a huuuuge fan of Mako and has a bigger collection than me, but I do have a few new figures from my recent Japan trip such as the Bitter Chocolate Taito Kuji figure and Captain Mako!

HBD Makoto Shrine

Captain Mako, Figma Mako and Alter Mako

Makoto trading figures, hangers and papers.

Bitter Chocolate Makoto figure from Taito Kuji series of prizes.

Mako mug and hanging figures.

Mako figma.

Free! glasses case, Taito Kuji zip pouch and figures.

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