Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Macross Delta - episode 7 screenshots - Protoculture, Pineapple Salad and Purrfect Disguises =^_^=

I've been having a lot of fun following this latest installment of Macross and matching references to the other series in the franchise. I'm actually pretty happy to have cat people and mer people as a canon race now! This weeks episode was set on the cat planet Voldor!

There were some pretty interesting bits of information in this episode, so spoiler warnings for this post! 

Macross Zero Birdman reference right there!

Pretty Protoculture ruins!

Reina kicks the story in motion with hacking Voldor's defence systems so the team can sneak their ship on to the planet.

With some morale support from Makina. <3 p="">
And very cute animations to depict hacking, because who wants to stare at boring old command prompts?

Bam, we're in!

Voldor is the cat people planet and out come the kitty ears!

Hayate laments about his cat allergies.

Messer looks cute as fuck as a cat and 100% more likeable.

Freyja wonders where Mikumo has gone...

The team heads out to investigate the Var Infection and Windamere control of Voldor.

Soldiers with kitty ears, hnnngh.

The soldiers are Var Infected but strangely calm.


Want some catnip?

Why didn't they give Hayate some sort of futuristic antihistamines?

Freyja detects...


After walking around Freyja hears someone singing.

They find some children trying to cure their Var infected father.
But to no avail, since they don't have the same fold factors as Walkure.

Freyja wants to help...

But Mikumo stops her so they don't blow their cover.
Mirage mistakes Mikumo as someone trying hurt Freyja.

But Mikumo's like "chill, let's get blazed"

And then they stay up watching kittyboy porn all night.

Ohwait actually they were spying on a meeting between the cat president and Roid.
Voldor has peacefully surrendered to Windamere.

Roid seems to be tripping balls thinking that Windamere are the true chosen ones of the Protoculture.

And someone might have eaten Pineapple Salad!!! Death flag or red herring?

Sooo high right now.

Ya know what, I think someone was watching us.

So Freyja remember when your people tried to blow themselves up with a Dimension Eater?

Freyja remembers a pretty light show... wait that thing killed people?

Windamere used a weapon on their own planet and blamed the New United Nations Spacey.

Ooooh conspiracy theories!

Speaking of people who are being lied to. Here's poor little Prince Heinz just doing as daddy says.

The crater from the Dimension Eater is "Windamere's Shame"


Ruins boner incoming.

Mikumo is off to search for ancient aliens.

The rest of the team is going to infiltrate a suspicious power plant next to the ruins.

After some more haxxings.

Freyja seems to be winning the Hayatebowl this episode.

Apparently Reina and Makina used to fight a lot.

Now they are best buds.

That blast cute bunny holes in things.

At the plant.

I too would like this hacking app.

They find a bunch of water bottles.

And apples.

They test each for var and everything seems normal.

Meanwhile, Var controller soldiers and the Windamere bishies are searching for intruders.

They pinch some samples and Hayate gets and idea.

Mix the water and the apple and what do you get?


While the group is running to escape....

Mikumo is checking out some ruins and singing.

The group get's separated...

Mirage tells the others to keep going.

Hayate finds another way out...

But they end up getting caught.

Bogue loves to say the word traitor but lets take bets on him becoming a Walkure fanboy by the end of the series yes?

Looks like our main trio is in for some trouble!!

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