Saturday, May 30, 2015

Free! Makoto & Haruka Mook (Magazine Book?) Translation & Scans

I spent yesterday afternoon reading this translation as it was live updated. It was quite the roller coaster of squee and feels. This is an official story by KyoAni. MakoHaru is so canon.

Mook scans by sunyshore

I've added some anime screenshots for your viewing pleasure too :)

Original Translation by donamoeba

Bubbling of the Starry Sky

Haruka Nanase - Half-fish Chef
Makoto Tachibana - Firefighter
Rin Matsuoka - Samezuka Station Police Officer
Nagisa Hazuki - Astronaut
Rei Ryugazaki - Scientist

*at the wharf*

The warehouse is burning.  There are sounds of siren from the firetrucks.  The firefighters rush to the scene as they get off the firetrucks.  Makoto can be seen among them.
Makoto, wearing fireproof gears, grips onto the fire hose tightly with his strong arms as high-pressure water spurts out of it, directing the water towards  the roaring flames…

*in front of Makoto’s apartment* (at night)

The cherry blossom tree is in full bloom.  Makoto finishes work and returns home.

Makoto: Phew, what a day~ I’m so tired~

*inside Makoto’s apartment*

Makoto takes off his shoes and his jacket at the door.

Makoto: Well then, time for a bath~

He says it out loud as he opens the bathroom door, where someone’s soaking in the bathtub.

Makoto: WAAHHH!?

Haruka is in the bathtub.

Haruka: Shut up…

Haruka turns around and flips his tails around.

Makoto: A mer…. merman!?

*Inside Makoto’s apartment: bathroom* (night)

Makoto and Haruka are in the bathroom.

Haruka: I’m not a merman, that’s stuff of the legends.  I’m a half-breed born between a fish and a human.

Makoto: So like… a half-fish man?

Haruka nods.
Makoto can’t believe this sudden turn of events.

Makoto: Um… well then, how did you manage to get here? Did you walk… you probably couldn’t have, with that tail…

Makoto looks at Haruka’s lower-half quizzically.

Haruka: I do have legs…

As he says that, he pulls the bathtub plug.
(gurgle gurgle)
The bath water swirls and gets sucked into the bathtub’s drain.
When all the water is gone, Haruka’s tail disappears and is left with a pair of legs.

Haruka: as long as I’m not in water.

Makoto is shocked.

Makoto: So you really are a half-fish man!?

Haruka: That’s what I’ve been saying.

Right at this moment, the doorbell rings.
(ding dong)

Makoto: Who would come here in the middle of the night…? Ah, stay here for now, and don’t come out.

Makoto says that and exits the bathroom leaving Haruka behind.
(ding dong, ding dong, ding dong)
The doorbell keeps ringing.

Makoto: Yes! Just a moment! I’m opening the door now!

Makoto opens the door.
And in front of him stands Rin, the police officer.

Makoto: The police…?

Police Rin glares and takes a peek into the apartment with his sharp eyes.

Rin: Hey, did a suspicious man escape into this house?

Makoto: !

Makoto takes a sneak glance at the bathroom door and gets very nervous.

Makoto: N-no…. no one…

Rin: Are you sure? Why do you keep looking at the bathroom then?

Makoto: Ah…um, I, I’m about to take a bath, so… hahaha, I think my bathtub is almost full.  If you will excuse me then!

Makoto forcefully closes the door (bam!) and locks it.  He runs back to the bathroom.

Makoto: The police was here!  Please don’t tell me they were chasing after you!?

Haruka: Yeah…

Makoto: Don’t just give me “yeah” as an answer!

Haruka is a little miffed.

Haruka: I was soaking at the park’s water fountain when I was spotted by a police who happened to be walking past, so I escaped.  That’s all.

Makoto: Then the police just now must be the one you’re talking about!  So he was chasing after you… but anyway, why in the fountain?

Haruka: When I see water, I just want to be in it.  I can’t help it.

Makoto: Is that your natural instinct as a half-fish?  Is that why you’re in my bathtub as well?

Haruka: While I was running away, I looked into your bathroom’s window and saw a nice bathtub, and before I realized, I was in it.

Makoto is dumbfounded.

Makoto: Before you realized, huh…

Makoto heaves a loud sigh.

Makoto: Under normal circumstances, I would’ve called the police…  but anyway, please change into some clothes.  I think the police has already left, so it’s probably better if you go home.

Haruka: …don’t…

Makoto: Huh?

Haruka: I don’t have a home to go back to.

Makoto: …

Makoto sighs again.  “Oh geez,” He looks at Haruka.

Makoto: Well I guess I don’t have much of a choice then.  Do you want to stay here for now?

Haruka: *surprised* Are you sure…?

Makoto: Since you don’t have anywhere else to go, right?

Makoto smiles gently, and Haruka nods.

Makoto: That’s settled then!  I’m Tachibana Makoto. Um, what’s your name?

Haruka: Nanase… Haruka.

Makoto: So Haruka, yes?

Haruka: *annoyed* Don’t call me by my first name.

Makoto: Okay then, I’ll make it Haru.

Haruka: …

Makoto: Hehe, nice to meet you, Haru.

Makoto reaches out a hand.
Haruka looks up at Makoto grudgingly and takes his hand.

*in front of Makoto’s apartment* (the next day)

It’s evening.  The cherry blossom petals dance in the wind as they fall.  Makoto returns home after a day’s work.

*inside Makoto’s apartment*

Makoto: I’m home~

He opens the front door and smells something delicious coming from the kitchen.

Makoto: …?

Makoto goes in to have a look, and sees Haruka wearing an apron cooking.  There are already a few dishes ready on the table.

Makoto: Waah~ these look delicious!  Did you make them all yourself, Haru?

Haruka: Yeah.  Anyone can cook.

Makoto: But I can’t~ I’m really bad at it… thank you so much, Haru.

Haruka: … it’s not like I made these for you.  I’ll need to eat too.

Haruka says as he washes his hands in the sink.
Makoto watches as the water glides along Haruka’s hands.

Makoto: So it’s okay for you to touch water?

Haruka: The upper half of my body, yes.  But if my feet get wet, I’ll turn into a half-fish.  But since I’m wearing an apron, I’m fine.

Makoto: I see…

Haruka: C’mon, let’s eat.

Haruka takes off his apron and sits at the table.

MakotoLet’s dig in!

Makoto follows suit.

The two sit across each other and start eating.

Makoto: … this is delicious! I’ve never tasted anything like this before! It’s even better than the restaurants! Hehe…

Haruka: What’s so funny?

Makoto: Nothing funny, it’s just that it’s been a long time since I had a meal with someone, so this makes me really happy.

Haruka: (doesn’t quite understand) …

Makoto notices Haruka’s confused look.

Makoto: Speaking of which, Haru…

Haruka: …?

Makoto: You mentioned that you don’t have a place call home, so what was life like for you all this time?

Haruka: I just travel around the world.

Makoto: What about your mom and dad?
Haruka: I don’t have any.

Makoto: What about friends?

Haruka shakes his head.

Makoto: …so, you’ve always been on your own?

Haruka: yeah.

Haruka answers the question so nonchalantly that Makoto can’t help but imagine what Haruka has been through.

Makoto: …

Haruka: …what’s the matter?

Makoto: No, it’s nothing.  But you’re not alone anymore, right?

Haruka: …not that I really care.

Makoto: That’s no good!  It’s boring to be alone! See? We’re having a meal together, it’s much more fun this way!  It’s definitely better to have more friends around you!

Haruka: *doesn’t understand*…

Makoto’s heart aches seeing Haruka like that.

Makoto: Haru…

Haruka: …

Makoto (monologue): It’s because Haruka has lived all his life alone that he doesn’t understand… but if from now on, I can show Haru the importance of friends…

Haruka: …what is it? What’s wrong?

Makoto comes back to his sense.

Makoto: Ah, it’s nothing, don’t mind me.  That’s right! By the way, Haru, maybe I can ask my scientist friend about your body!  Maybe he’ll find out something.  Oh, and also my astronaut friend!

Haruka: *troubled* …

Makoto: Oh, don’t worry, they are both really good friends of mine.  I’ll find a roundabout way to tell them about your situation.  Oh and also, come to think of it, I happen to have some very nice sweets for dessert!

Makoto stands up and opens the drawer to search in it.

Makoto: Um… they should be here… ah! There they are! They might be a little too sweet though…

Makoto turns around with a cookie tin in his hand, but the dishes on the table are already empty and Haruka is no longer at the table.

Makoto: …huh?

The sound of water splashing can be heard from the bathroom.

Makoto: Haru…?

Makoto runs to the bathroom and finds Haruka soaking in the bathtub.  Makoto gives a small smile.

Makoto: You like the bathtub this much?
Haruka: No…

Haruka turns his head to look away.  He has blue eyes like sapphires.

Makoto: …

Haruka’s tail sways gently in the bath water.  The beautiful scales that shine in seven colors covers him from his abdomen all the way to the tip of his tail. Some scales are also vaguely visible on his arms and face.

Now that Makoto finally takes a good look at Haruka’s appearance, he can’t help but become transfixed by the beauty of it.

Makoto: …

Haruka: …what’s the matter?

Makoto: No, well er…  I was just thinking that I’d like to see you swimming in the sea, instead of such a small bathtub…

Haruka: The sea…

Makoto: That’s right!  When it gets warmer, let’s go there together!

Haruka: I’ll go.

Makoto smiles..

*restaurant* (a few days later)

It’s lunch break.  Makoto is at a table with his scientist friend, Rei, and his astronaut friend, Nagisa.

Rei: …WHAT!? A Half-fish!!? Ha-ha-ha! Logically speaking, such things cannot exist! Both mermaids and half-fish are only fantasy, creatures made up by men.

Makoto: Hahaha, you think so…?

Makoto is a little disappointed.

Nagisa: But if there really is one, I’d love to be its friend~ and besides, I bet a half-fish person is really pretty! Right, Rei-chan?

Rei: It’s… definitely interesting, but only if they really exist.

As they were talking, the waitress brings their lunch over.  The food is placed in front of the three of them.

Nagisa: It looks so yummy~!

Makoto/Rei/Nagisa: Let’s dig in!

And first bite.

Nagisa/Rei: This is SO GOOD~!

Rei: …it tastes different from usual though…

Makoto notices.

Makoto: Hmm? This taste like…?

It’s the same food that Haruka makes him at home.

Could it be…? Makoto looks at the restaurant’s open kitchen, and sees Haruka cooking there.

Makoto: …HARU!? Why are you here!?

Haruka comes to Makoto’s table.

Haruka: I’ll work and pay for my share of the rent.

Makoto: Geez… you could’ve told me if you wanted to get a job.  You gave me a fright!

Nagisa: Hey, hey, who is this? Is this chef your friend, Mako-chan?

Rei: I’d like to be introduced as well.

Makoto: I was thinking about introducing him to you two properly… but anyway, due to some circumstances, we’ve been living together since last week…

Haruka: half-fish…

Makoto: (quickly interrupts Haruka) He’s Nanase Haruka-kun! Please call him Haru!

Nagisa: Nice to meet you, Haru-chan! I’m Nagisa!

Rei: And my name is Ryugazaki Rei.  I’m the scientist of this town.

At a table away from Makoto’s where they’re having a lively conversation, police officer Rin is eating lunch alone.  He keeps staring at Haruka.

Rin: Something’s fishy…

Rin gets up and walks briskly towards Makoto’s table.

Makoto: (turns around) …you’re from that time…! Haru…

Makoto tries to get Haruka’s attention.  Rin stands right in front of Haruka.

Rin: Yo… so your name’s Haru?

Haruka: And what about it?

Rin: I’m looking for a merman who I spotted at the fountain, and he looks exactly like you…

Rin holds and lifts Haruka’s chin.
Haruka becomes irritated and breaks away from him.

Haruka: You’re just imagining things.  Are you a bit young to go soft in the head?

Rin: Hah, you’re a feisty one… but let me tell you, I never forget a face once I’ve seen it.

The two glare at each other.  Makoto looks on nervously.

Haruka: Besides I’m not a merman, I’m half-

Makoto: (interrupts) waaaaaaahhhh–! But mermen don’t really exist! Right?

Rei: That’s right.  How could a police officer like yourself believe such illogical nonsense…

Rin: I don’t care if it’s logical or illogical, I’ve seen him with my own eyes.  and I’m definitely gonna get him.

Nagisa: What are you going to do after you catch him?

Rin: Don’t people say that a mermaid’s flesh gives you immortality? In that case…

Makoto: In that case…?

Rin: I’d probably eat him.

Rin’s sharp shark-like teeth glistens.

Haruka: —!

Makoto and the others gasps.

Makoto: Bu-but, Haru is not a mermaid! I mean, see? He has legs!

Makoto did everything he could to deceive Rin.  Rin gives Haruka’s legs a glance.

Rin: Hn, guess you’re right… but I won’t give up.

Rin looks at Haruka provokingly.

Rin: That merman is my prey.  One day I’ll catch him by the tail and make him mine.

Haruka: …

Rei: Well, maybe in this case, you don’t catch him by the tail but by his fin?
(T/N: In Japanese a mammal’s tail and fishtail are different words)

NagisaThat’s true~


He sneers and stares at Haruka.

Rin: Until that day then.  You just wait for it.

Rin says that and leaves.
Makoto looks really worried.

Makoto: …

*in front of Makoto’s apartment*

The season changes. It’s now early summer.
Instead of cherry blossoms, the tree is covered in green leaves.

*inside of Makoto’s apartment*

Both Makoto and Haruka are preparing for their trip to the sea.
As they stuff their things into their bags,

Makoto: Clothes for changing, lunch boxes, towels, picnic sheets, swimsuit… oh Haru, your swimsuit…

Haruka: I don’t need one.

Makoto: I guess that’s true.  But just in case, I’ll going to bring an extra one of mine…

Makoto adds a swimsuit for Haruka to the bag. All of the sudden, the doorbell rings violently.
(ding dong! ding dong ding dong!)

Makoto: I’m coming!

Makoto opens the door.  There stands police officer Rin.

Rin: Yo, I’m here again.

Makoto: What… what can I do for you?  We’re just about to leave the house…

Rin: There’s something I want to confirm.  I’m just gonna let myself in…

Rin marches in with a bottle of water in his hand.

Makoto: No, wait…!

Makoto tries to stop Rin.  But police Rin ignores him and stands in front of Haruka, holding up the bottle.

Makoto: Could it be…!?

Makoto realizes what’s going on and tries to stop him.

Rin: oops…!

Rin deliberately drops the bottle of water.  The water spills onto the floor and towards Haruka’s legs.

Makoto: !!

Rin: Oh, sorry, looks like I spilled it…

The water spreads on the floor.  When it touches Haruka’s bare legs, scales begin to appears on them as well as his face.

Haruka: (enduring) ugh…!

Police Rin grabs Haruka by the collar and grins widely.

Rin: I knew it.  You’re my merman…!

Makoto: Haru…!

Makoto tries to separate Rin from Haruka.  And all of the sudden-

Nagisa: Mako-chan! Haru-chan!

Both Nagisa and Rei charges in.

Rin: What… what the hell!?

Police Rin is caught by surprised.
Nagisa takes the chance and tugs at Haruka,

Nagisa: Haru-chan, this way!

They lock themselves in the bathroom.

Rin: Hey! You asshole! Open the door!

Rin bangs on the bathroom door loudly (bang bang).
Makoto is on the side looking flustered. Rei reassures him.

Rei: Nagisa-kun and I were on our way back from buying our lunch boxes and walked passed your house when we saw the police entering. So we came here to save you.

Makoto: To save us…?

Rei: Please don’t worry.  It just happens that Nagisa-kun’s lunch box is today’s speacial menu, grill mackerel, so I believe it will be very useful.  Please just leave the rest to us!

As they were talking, Nagisa’s screams can be heard from the bathroom.

Nagisa: (fake) wooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhh~~!!

Police Rin keeps knocking on the bathroom door.

Rin: What’s going on!? Open the door! Hey!

(BAM) Rin opens the door by force and enters the bathroom.

Rin: This…. this is…!

Rin is completely shocked.
There floating in the bathtub is a salted grilled mackerel.

*alleyway behind the apartment*

Haruka jumps from the bathroom window and lands outside.
Makoto comes after him with their luggage.

Makoto: Let’s go, Haru!

They can hear Rin’s and the other’s voices from the bathroom.

Nagisa: (fake) Haru-chan…. Haru-chan he… turned into this…!

Rin: You bastard! Like that’s gonna happen! Where did you hide Haru!?

They ran away from the ruckus and towards the train station.

*inside the train heading to the beach*

Makoto and Haruka sit beside each other.

Haruka: …why?

Makoto: What do you mean?

Haruka: Why is everyone doing so much to help me?

Makoto chuckles.

Makoto: You don’t need reasons to save a friend.

Haruka: …

Makoto: But enough of that, look!  We can see the sea from here!

The coastline is visible outside the window.

Haruka: …

Haruka’s blue eyes sparkle with delight.
Makoto smiles as he watches him.


The beautiful beach with pure-white sand.  The clear sea in emerald green. The calming waves that hit the sandy shore silently like it’s caressing it.  Makoto and Haruka arrives there.
There is no one else but them.

Haruka: I’ve never been to a place like this…

Makoto: Yeah? It’s a pretty well-kept secret.  I was thinking that it would be nice if you could swim here.

As if the drawing waves are beckoning him, Haruka walks to the water and slowly dips his feet in it.

Haruka: …

Haruka’s body changes gradually, like he’s merging with the sea.  Haruka’s scales sparkles radiantly under the sun.
The way he swims elegantly is so mysterious and beautiful, just like a mermaid.  Makoto is captivated by it.

Makoto: I’m so glad we came here…

Makoto joins Haruka and jumps into the sea to swim with him.

*in the blue sea*

There are fish of vibrant colours.  Beautiful coral reefs.  Makoto and Haruka swim among them.  Time passes languidly around them.  Makoto closes his eyes and drifts along the flow of the water.  Haruka looks like he’s having a good time too.  Haruka begins to swim ahead of Makoto.

Makoto (monologue): Wait, Haru…

Makoto wants to catch up, but a school of fish swims past and blocks his way.

Makoto: …

Makoto couldn’t see anything for a moment.  And when the fish is gone, he’s lost sight of Haruka.

Makoto (monologue): …Haru?

Makoto has lost Haruka in the sea.

Makoto (monologue): …HARU! HARU!!

Makoto desperately looks for Haruka, behind the coral reefs, across the swaying seaweed.

Makoto (monologue): Could it be that he’s returned to the sea, just like this?

Makoto becomes worried.

Makoto (monologue): Haru! Where are you, Haru?

Makoto did everything he could to look for Haruka.  But Haruka is nowhere to be found.

Makoto (monologue): HARU–!

Makoto grows increasingly desperate.  But he’s running out of breath.  So he swims back to the surface,

Makoto: Puaaah!

He pants as he looks around on the sea, but there’s still no sight of Haruka.

Makoto: Haru… HARU–!!

Makoto yells.
Just then.

Haruka’s voice: What’s wrong, Makoto?

Makoto is caught by surprised and looks in the direction of the voice.
Haruka is out of the water and on the rocks.

Makoto: Haru…

Makoto breathes a sigh of relief.

*And then, things go back to normal*

Makoto works at the fire station, and Haruka works at the restaurant.  The two have dinner and play games at the apartment at night.

Every now and then, Nagisa and Rei come to their home for fun and they all have a great time together.  Nagisa will ask Haru to make sweets for him, and Rei will inspect Haruka’s scales with a magnifier.  

And Rin too, as usual, keeps an eye on Haruka.
Such days continue until one night…

*fire station* (night)

Makoto is on duty.  The fire alarm rings.

announcement: There’s a fire at the restaurant in Iwatobi Street!

Makoto: …!

*in front of the burning restaurant* (night)

Firetrucks with sirens on arrive at the scene.
Makoto gets off the truck.

Makoto: Haru!

But Haruka has already evacuated and is safe.
He’s looking at the flames in shock.

Haruka: (notices) Makoto…

Makoto: You’re all right! I’m so glad…

Just when Makoto breathes a sigh of relief, he hears something.

Mother: Somebody! Somebody please help!  My child is still inside!

The sound of a mother crying and yelling.

Firefighter: But the fire is too strong, we can’t go inside…

Makoto couldn’t wait and ran into the burning building.

Firefighter: no, wait! It’s too dangerous!

Haruka: Makoto…!

*inside the flames*

Makoto searches for the child.

Makoto: Hey~!  I’m here to save you! Shout back if you are there!

However, there is no sign of any child.

*in front of the burning restaurant* (night)

Haruka and the others are watching with bated breath.
And then, they hear the sound of a child crying.  The mother sees her crying child among the evacuated crowd and runs.

Mother: You’re all right!! Oh thank god!!

The mother embraces her child.  Haruka sees them.

Haruka: Makoto…

*inside the flames*

The burned ceiling is falling off.

Makoto: Woah…!

Makoto is surrounded by flames and his body is stuck under a column that fell on him.  He can’t move.

Makoto: Gah…!

His fireproof gear is starting to smoke.

Makoto (monologue): I’m so useless… I’m just going to die here and I couldn’t even save a child…

As his consciousness begins to slip from the heat and despair, he sees a flickering figure of a person beyond the flames.

Makoto (monologue): Hahaha… oh man… I’m starting to see things…

Just as Makoto is about to blackout, a familiar voice pulls him back.

Haruka: Makoto… Makoto… hang in there!

Makoto: ….Haru…ka…?

Haruka: The kid is fine.  We need to get out of here now.

Haruka pushes the column up as he speaks.
(sizzle) steam rises from Haruka’s arms as if water has evaporated.  Makoto takes the opportunity and pulls himself out from under the column.  He looks at Haruka.  Haruka is not even wearing fireproof clothes.  In the flames, Haruka’s body is badly damaged.  Makoto is shocked to see Haruka like this.

Makoto: ….why…

Makoto’s face twists in pain as he yells.

Makoto: Why did you come for me!?

Haruka: It’s my choice.

Makoto: But…!

Haruka: You don’t need a reason to save a friend, right?

Makoto: …!

Haruka: It’s my turn to save you now.

In the flames, Haruka wraps himself around Makoto, like he’s embracing him.
Then suddenly, Haruka’s body becomes water and engulfs Makoto.

Makoto: …!?

Haruka: Make your escape… now…!

Makoto can hear Haruka’s voice in the water.

Makoto: But what about you… Haru…

Haruka: Just go!!

Makoto: …!

Makoto runs among the flames with the water that Haruka has turned into wrapped around him.  Little by little, Haruka’s body evaporates.

Makoto: HARU–!!

A painful cry…

*in front of the burning restaurant* (night)

Makoto escapes the flames and runs out of the building.  However, the water surrounding him is all gone.

Makoto: Haru…

Tears fall from his eyes.  That was the last remaining drop of water from Haru’s body.
Makoto looks up to the sky.  It’s a starry night.
And the evaporated Haru rises up towards the sky…

*Makoto’s apartment*

Makoto’s apartment without Haruka.
Whenever Makoto sees the bathtub, it reminds him of Haruka.  And the empty hole in his chest.  He lives everyday in sorrow.

And then, seasons change, and it’s cherry blossom season again.
The cherry blossom tree in front for the apartment is in full bloom, and the flower petals are scattered everywhere.
One day, Makoto finishes work and returns home.  He’s goes to take a bath and opens his bathroom door…

*the street* (middle of the night)


Makoto’s loud scream rings.
◆  ◆  ◆
In the bathroom, a man is soaking in the bathtub.
And he is…

Haruka: Shuddup…
Makoto: Haru!? But why!?
Haruka: It took a long time…

*Haruka’s flashback*

The night of the fire.  Haruka evaporates and rises into the starry sky and gradually becomes a cloud, then rain, and falls to the ground.
And that water becomes a river that flows into the dam.
And finally, through the water pipes, he makes his way to Makoto’s bathroom…

Haruka: …and before I realized, I’m here.

Haruka says, looking a little embarrassed.

Makoto: Haru…

Makoto cries as he laughs.
He reaches a hand out to Haruka in the bathtub

Makoto: Welcome home, Haru.
Haruka: I’m back.

Haruka takes the hand.

*Iwatobi town* (night)

And now, back to reality.
Under the starry night sky, lies the Iwatobi sea.

*Makoto’s room* (night)

Both Haruka and Makoto fall asleep while playing games.  Their sleeping faces were calm.  You cannot tell who has been dreaming.
Except for the two sleeping boys looking peaceful in their sleep (zzzz…. zzzzz….).


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