Sunday, January 25, 2015

Buy all the Sailor Moon clothes!

Japanese fashion brand Tralala just recently put a series of Sailor Moon inspired clothing up for pre-order and I absolutely couldn't resist getting a few pieces. Even my partner said "you should buy these!" and my fate was sealed. I love that anime clothing goes beyond t-shirts/hoodies and you can get nice items that are a bit more dressed up. I can never seem to part with my money over standard designer brands, but slap Sailor Moon on it and it's "shutup and take my money!" time. 

The following are the pieces I've ordered.

These adorable tank tops feature each of the Sailor Senshi's names embroidered on the back of the collar. I have of course ordered Sailor Moon's!

A lovely cable knit cardi with Artemis embroidered on the front. This will be perfect for those colder days! I've opted for the white, which nicely complements the skirt below!

My most favourite piece from this collection is the skirt, featuring a Luna & Artemis pattern printed around the base. That pastel blue is to die for. <3 p="">

I think I love this range even more than the Sailor Moon clothing released by Spinns last year, probably because there are items in blue, which is my favorite color. The Tralala range is also a Free sizing like the Spinns range, which is around a Japanese size small to medium. 

You can view the full Tralala x Sailor Moon Crystal range here on the Tralala Japanese website

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