Monday, September 1, 2014

FFXIV "The Rising" Seasonal Event Screenshots

While those of us in the real world are celebrating the 1st anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, the characters in the game are celebrating the Moonfire Faire and remembering those lost in the Calamity. Just near the Aetheryte warp for "The Aftcastle" in Limsa Lominsa is an NPC has a song of remembrance to play for you. 

Which results in you tripping balls and going into this nice cut scene.

I like to make sure I'm wearing my favourite outfits for these events so when I screenshot it, I'm not wearing some horrid hodgepodge armor. :3

Everyone claps because you are so fabulous and shiny.

This dude looks like he wants be a Batman sidekick.

For your efforts...oh wait I didn't really need to do anything... you will get a pretty fireworks display and the /huzzah emote. There's also a vendor nearby selling some Minfilia and Thancred pets. Enjoy!

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