Sunday, July 13, 2014

Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS

I'm feeling interesed in this game! An article on Kotaku compared it to Phantasy Star Online, which is my all time favourite game. I also love the Final Fantasy franchise, so this could be fun! Of course I'm wondering will it have online play or just wifi with nearby friends. Because it's a handheld game I'm particularly thinking it will be a little like Phantasy Star 0. It is also being compared to Monster Hunter (which I've yet to play). But PSO and MH are both in the Action RPG territory.

There's 4 classes shown here but there will be around 20 to choose from. I'm also hoping there will be character customization for things like face/skin/hair/height. Character create is one of my favourite game features, as I love to make something that suits my personal aesthetics. Collecting cool new armor and weapons is also a fun way to upgrade your characters look, so I'm hoping these features will be included too. Given the nature of the game, I'd say it's a pretty good chance that these features will be available.

Gameplay footage video (actual FFE game is about 30 seconds in)

There's a little bit of information in English is over on Final Fantasy Wiki. This game has not been officially been announced for an English release but it's very early days, so sit tight! However the Japanese release has been set for Winter this year, which probably means a Christmas release. (That's summertime for those of us in Australia!)

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